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1. Select settings icon from home page

iPhone home page settings icon

Figure: iPhone home page settings icon

2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars >

Settings - Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Figure: Settings - Mail, Contacts, Calendars >

3. Select Add Account...

Mail - Add Account button

Figure: Mail - Add Account button

4. Select Other option

'Other' account option for email

Figure: 'Other' account option for email

5. Select Add Mail Account

Mail Add Account button

Figure: Mail Add Account button

6. Complete the details in the 'New Account' screen.

Name: Enter your preferred salutation

Address: Enter your full email address

Password: Enter your email server password.

Description: iPhone will default to your address. Hit return button to accept this option. iPhone will automatically create the new account, display a short message about saving account information and open a new screen enabling you to enter the mail server details.

New account details screen

Figure: New account details screen

7. Entering the mail server credentials
Please refer to for a discussion of mail server credentials.

7.1 IMAP option - Ensure that the IMAP option is selected.

Internet Message Application Protocol (IMAP) is an option that enables you to access email with both your iPhone and another email client e.g. Outlook. Using the POP option will delete emails from the server and therefore you may not receive these emails in Outlook for archiving.

IMAP option button

Figure: IMAP option button

7.2 Incoming Mail Server

As a WebSuburb client we will provide you with your incoming email server credentials.

Host Name: enter the name of your incoming email server. Usually this will be 'mail.domain name.com.au'

User Name: enter your full email address.

Password: iPhone will insert the password that you entered previously. Hit the return button to accept.

Incoming Mail Server settings

Figure: Incoming Mail Server settings

7.3 Outgoing Mail server

Figuring the outgoing mail server can be a little tricky because of the spam settings provided by your iphone service provider. E.g. vodafone provides an outgoing mail server for it's clients. Outgoing messages are associated with your mobile phone number, therefore vodafone don't require a user name and password.

Host name: Enter the outgoing mail server you prefer to use.

User Name: enter the credentials required by the outgoing mail server. This may be blank.

Password: enter the credentials required by the outgoing mail server. This may be blank. Hit the Save button

Outgoing Mail Server settings

Figure: Outgoing Mail Server settings

iPhone will display a 'Verifying IMAP account information' message

Verifying IMAP account information message

Figure: Verifying IMAP account information message

iPhone will then display this error message

Cannot Connect Using SSL

Do you want to try setting up the account without SSL?

Select the No option

SSL failure message

Figure: SSL failure message - Slect Nn

iPhone will display the message

IMAP account verification failed

Select the Save button

IMAP verification error message

Figure: IMAP verification error message

iPhone will display a confirmation message

'This account may not be able to send or receive emails. Are you sure you want to save?'

Select the Save button

email setup verification message

Figure: email setup verification message

8. Now we need to test that our email is working.

Not really necessary but to satisfy yoruself, send a test message to ensure that you have email waiting on the server to be retrieved.

Return to the home page and select the mail option

iPhone home page mail icon

Figure: iPhone home page mail icon

9. Select the new email account that you have created

Available email accounts list

Figure: Available email accounts list

10. Hit the refresh button in the bottom left corner. A confirmation message will display in the bottom information panel.

email refresh folder and confirmation message

Figure: email refresh folder and confirmation message

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