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In the previous session we looked at  Standard Modules on the website. In this session we will look at Banners.

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Banners display online advertisements from a list of images and track history of their usage.

Banners can be displayed in the header area of the page or the body of the page. These options require a different set-up procedure.

In addition the banners are associated with a vendor (advertiser) and we need to set up the vendor before displaying the banner.

 Set up Vendors





 ==> Vendors ==> Add New Vendor

Create a vendor record by selecting Add New Vendor from the drop down menu.

Complete the required details and update the vendor record.

Click on Admin and select Vendors which will give a drop down menu then select Add New Vendor

Figure: Drop down menu to select Add New Vendor

Scroll down to the “Banner Advertising” and click on Add New Banner.

Scroll down to the Banner Advertising and click on Add New Banner

Figure: Drop down menu to select Add New Banner

Complete the required details, especially the following:

  • Banner Name: NB! Clear name that you will recognise in future.
  • Banner Type: select from the drop down box. (See below)
  • Banner Group: optional but important if you want to differentiate banners later on
  • Image: NB! select the image from the drop down list
  • Text/script: This is the “mouse over” text message.
  • URL: NB! The target page when the user clicks through
  • Start date: NB! Set a start date to activate the banner.
  • End Date: Leave blank or set date.


 Activate Header Banner

Admin ==> Site Settings

Scroll down to Advanced Settings ==> Other Settings

Select the appropriate radio button setting

  • None: Header banner not displayed
  • Site: Banners provided by the site administrator
  • Host: Banners provided by the host (I.e. websuburb)


Click on Admin then select Site Setting to set the preferred banner options

Figure: Set preferred banner options


 Adding Banners to Pages

Navigate to the page where you wish to display the banner.

Select the banner module from the Modules drop down list.

Click on the Modules drop down list and select Banners

                      Figure: Select banner module from drop down list

Select the banner module from the Modules drop down list.

Select Banner Options and complete the required detail:

  • Banner Source: Select appropriate source
  • Banner Type: Refer below for sizes
  • Banner group: Leave blank to display all banners or select group entered in vendor group ( above)
  • Banner Count: Number of banner images to display in the module

Select Banner Options and complete the require module options

Figure: Banner module options


Banner Dimensions

Skyscraper Banner

Standard banner sizes have been formulated by the Internet Advertising Bureau.

 Drop down list of Banner Types

Figure: Drop down list of Banner Types

Micro Button

88 x 31 pixels

Button Banner

120 x 60 pixels

Block Size Banner

Standard Size Banner




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Updated: 16 March 2006


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