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 Adding a new page to your website - step by step instructions

In the previous section of the session we looked at Getting Started

Download step-by-step instructions for adding a page in DotNetNuke Download a PDF version of this session (50k) Adding a page in DotNetNuke

Step 1 - Page Function menu

To add a page you need to be logged in as an administrator.

Logging in as an administrator will add a simple menu to the top of the page covering Page Function, Modules and Common Tasks.

Click the 'Add' button on the Page Functions menu

Figure: Page Functions menu with Add Page shortcut

Click on the Add Page function as shown above.

Step 2 - Enter the new Page Name

Enter the Page Name. This name will display in the menu.

Figure: Page Settings Page Name

Step 3 - Select the Page Location

Select the appropriate Parent Page from the drop down list. If you leave this field blank then the new page will be added at the highest level of the menu.

Choose a location for the new page from the drop down list

Figure: Add Parent Page Location drop down box

Step 4 - Save your Work!

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and Click on the Update link

Remember to click the update link to save your work.

Figure: Page Settings update link

Thats it! The website will open at the new page you have just created.

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